What Viewers Will See at https://www.youtube.com/user/ridersdiscount

YouTube has thousands of videos available for browsers to watch free of charge at their leisure. If it can be imagined, some person has put it on video for the masses. There are strange videos, funny ones, informative ones, scary ones, and the cute ones. Searches can be made, but it is often difficult to find specific videos among the vast collection available, with more being added every hour of every day. To avoid getting lost in the cyber-shuffle individuals, companies, and organizations can create their own channel on the YouTube platform. It can be done at no cost, so it is a great marketing tool, as well as a way to inform people about the company, other aspects of the organization, or any related affiliations or links.

Setting up a channel provides a specific address to direct customers, viewers, and browsers to all the videos created by one entity. That is what the owners of Ridersdiscount.com did to create videos on motorcycle products, their motorcycle racing team, and track videos of actual motorcycle rides. Viewers can watch hundreds of videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/ridersdiscount in six different play lists. The categories are set up to save viewers time, if they are searching for specific information. The channel also includes a discussion page for comments, questions, and suggestions. In addition to selling products and increasing traffic to the website, the channel was created to substantiate the company’s claim that they test and try out all products before adding them to the available online inventory.

There are a few E commerce sites that indicate they test products out before selling them. There are so many options for motorcycle gear, parts, and accessories that many customers are confused about which product will suit their needs and desired outcomes. Demonstrations allow customers to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each new product offered. Creating videos goes way beyond excellent customer service and gives an accurate account of product capabilities. The practice also gives credibility to the staff of experienced riders. Loyal and new customers will realize that staff are experts in the field and can honestly answer questions about each product available.