The Importance Of The Lifecycle Support Provided By Armoured Vehicle Manufacturers Today

Investments can help increase your assets. But experts strongly emphasized that not all can maintain their value for a very long time. Some will only take several months for their value to decrease by up to 40%. An example of this is your newly-purchased car. Such depreciation is the result of usage for a certain period of time or perhaps the depth of damage it incurred.

Apart from cars, houses depreciate in value as well. But this will depend on the conditions of the real estate market. Bear in mind that even if your property is well-maintained, the market values of homes are very unstable.

However, the conditions are a bit different if you purchase an armoured car since its functional value doesn’t diminish. Also, its price doesn’t rely on the usual variables that affect the auto industry. Most importantly, manufacturers of armoured vehicles are very committed to their buyers by guaranteeing that the value of the property is maintained throughout its lifecycle. The lifecycle support they offer will include comprehensive analysis in order to identify product lifecycle maintenance requirements. They also provide support packages.

These manufacturers properly make sure that all the vehicles they have can be efficiently supported in the front line by considering all maintenance needs. Hence, they perform various important tasks.

How Armoured Vehicles Manufacturers Ensure The Quality Of Their Products

First, they perform logistics support analysis, most especially for purchasers from overseas. Second, they have customer training delivered at their facility or perhaps at the customer’s site. Trainings make use of the latest interactive training systems for both the vehicle’s operator and maintainer. Third, they do initial provisioning that recognizes the initial spare parts provisioning requirements once a full failure analysis has been performed, along with the determination of system reliability. Lastly, they offer technical documentation services, provided in the format and language preferred by the client. This will also include maintenance manuals, training manuals, illustrated parts catalogue, and operator manuals and service book.

Apart from this, they likewise design their support services based on the specific requirements of their customers. It is also very important to mention that these packages come with the standard maintenance strategy & maintenance concept, maintenance task analysis, prognostics and health management, training requirements analysis, level of repair analysis depending on the vehicle architecture, and maintenance plan development.

It is worth note-taking that the lifecycle support given by armoured vehicle manufacturers can give assurance that your investment has true value.

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